This Startup connects Brands, Social Media & Influencers and manages online marketing campaigns.
Through artificial intelligence it analyzes and proposes the most impacting influencers for a campaign. Furthermore, it generates personalized reports for every brand and campaign.


The Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative is a Global project that aims to give clarity about oil and mining resources and their reinvestment into society.
TIE is directed by Mexico’s Internal Revenue Department and the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit & joined by diverse organizations.


Medical Equipment Virtual Reality App built around 360 photography and the use of a mobile/Google Cardboard.
It immerses the audience in a virtual operation showroom with different medical items available for sale.


Academic Tracking Platform custom built for the Rural Teachers School Mactumatzá in Chiapas.

Its goal is to make the current teachers and students metrics transparent and democratic.


SRV is a hybrid platform (web + app) that aids in the capturing of georeferenced information in real time.
SRV analyses, explores and generates reports of the data generated by surveyors on site. It can be used for market assessments or like in Mexico’s 2017 earthquakes, to track needs and actions.