WHAT DO WE DO? It's time our projects do the talking.


We invite you to have a look at our national and international projects that demonstrate quality and passion we place in everything we create for you.

Institutions such as the German Government, the Mexican Ministry of Public Revenue (SHCP) and the Red Cross, have trusted IMPORTARE for accomplishing their objectives.

And clearly they work with us because they look for an Agency that backs them up in every stage of their project (and they know they can count on us, always).

Explore what we have accomplished with them so far.



Proposal for the Instituto Nacional de Bellas Artes Museum Circuit. This Web platform works as an Art Archive and Art Promotion tool.
It conveys content management and the automated creation of Art Exhibitions catalogs.

  • APP

Find it! is a Web & Android platform combo designed to track smartphones and generate data through native GPS functions.
It’s aimed towards SMEs seeking to enhance their human and vehicle assets on the go.

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  • Web Platform

iOS app and Web Management platform that assists you in making appointments for beauty services. It allows beauty parlors to manage both their staff and future and past appointments, while bringing new customers through the App.

  • Collaboration

This P2P (Peer-to-peer) web platform was developed for a Startup that aims to connect people seeking help in house chores and the workers who can supply these services.
It allows buyers to compare quotes from the providers subscribed to this service.

  • Collaboration
  • User Experience

Mittec is a web platform that seeks to get rid of paper use in healthcare. It does so by allowing physicians, patients and pharmacies a convenient and safe access to online prescriptions.

  • User Experience

Platform intended to manage competitions created by Chiapas State’s Economy Department & FOFOE.
The quizes implemented to the applicants are designed through intelligent filters that weight every vital element in the competition. Intended for entrepreneurs from all over Mexico.

  • User Experience

Platform intended to manage competitions created by Chiapas State’s Economy Department & FOFOE.
The quizes applied to the applicants are designed through intelligent filters that weight every vital element in the competition. Intended for entrepreneurs from Chiapas.

  • User Experience

Online Platform that blends Competition, Talent and Tracking for entrepreneurs.
It aims to be the number one resource for the entrepreneur and to promote innovative ideas. It also seeks to broadcast and certify entrepreneurship competitions.

  • APP
  • User Experience

Safe Cab riding App. Through GPS location it connects nearby drivers and passengers.
It also tracks cabs in real time through web services wired to the central, making for an efficient operation.

  • Collaboration

This platform enables the design and application of evaluation tools. Developed for Mexico’s National Higher Education Evaluation Center (CENEVAL).
It allows its users to access training guides, questions and different evaluation types through digital media.


Main Site of Grupo Labo (Labo Digital, Labo Prime and Miriota). Grupo Labo is the leading film & tv dubbing producer in Latin America.
Its visitors can see all the services provided, including 360 tours of the recording studios, which will be available for rent as well.

  • Collaboration

This Startup connects Brands, Social Media & Influencers and manages online marketing campaigns.
Through artificial intelligence it analyzes and proposes the most impacting influencers for a campaign. Furthermore, it generates personalized reports for every brand and campaign.

  • User Experience

The Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative is a Global project that aims to give clarity about oil and mining resources and their reinvestment into society.
TIE is directed by Mexico’s Internal Revenue Department and the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit & joined by diverse organizations.

  • APP
  • User Experience

Medical Equipment Virtual Reality App built around 360 photography and the use of a mobile/Google Cardboard.
It immerses the audience in a virtual operation showroom with different medical items available for sale.


Academic Tracking Platform custom built for the Rural Teachers School Mactumatzá in Chiapas.

Its goal is to make the current teachers and students metrics transparent and democratic.

  • APP
  • Collaboration
  • Web Platform

SRV is a hybrid platform (web + app) that aids in the capturing of georeferenced information in real time.
SRV analyses, explores and generates reports of the data generated by surveyors on site. It can be used for market assessments or like in Mexico’s 2017 earthquakes, to track needs and actions.

Toluca 100 años
  • APP
  • User Experience

For the Centennial of the Toluca Football Club, the team’s board decided to launch a Commemorative Book (created by Algarabía Publishing House) and an accompanying App in order to honor their fans.
The App is composed by Trivias, Club’s Archives original content and the possibility of creating your ideal historical team.

  • User Experience

Dating app developed for S1ngular magazine. It seeks to connect persons through the peculiarities they share.

This is accomplished through fun and engaging tests that can be shared in social networks.

Continuum Tec
  • Collaboration

This Web System functions as a diffusion platform for content generated by teachers & students of the ITESM Campus México.
It also works as a talent and artistic production hub.