Axel Sanchez

BSc in Computer Systems Engineering and businessman. He has 9+ years of experience as a consultant for the development of information systems. He focuses mainly in Desktop and Web platforms, as well as Interactive games. He is at his most comfortable developing mobile apps and web systems.

Jaime Licona

BSc in Computer Systems Engineering, with over 9 years of experience on the design and development of Web based information systems for both private and public sector. He has advanced expertise in mobile solutions for Android, Blackberry and iOS platforms, as well as geopositioning systems and data bases

Luis Sol

MSSC in Territorial Management & Design, he creates Branding, Economical and Social strategies. He uses cultural analysis to offer tech experiences aimed to improve the communication amongs businesses and their audiences. In 2014 he finished writing “TG+: Tourism Branding as a Development Tool for Cities”.

Geovanni Simuta

BSc in Computer Systems, Microsoft Student Partner 2012. With over six years of experience developing desktop, mobile and web apps, he is really comfortable in OOP PHP, HTML5, CSS3, JS. He feels accomplished when combining different technologies in order to produce, simple, usable and elegant software.

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